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New Webcomic

2013-06-12 03:21:21 by DDgeek84

Branching out into the world of webcomics. Go here: tell me what you think soes I can make it the best webcomic.

Well a good deal has happened since I last deemed it fitting to take the effort to grace newgrounds with another blogpost, so I'll give you the short of it: Got a job, made a bumper, made another bumper for a film festival, made yet another for a bigger festival, and got another piece in it because I could (specifically this piece:, went back to school, made some more bumpers, made a few short animations, put them up on youtube, started my final thesis project, shot my final thesis project, and now here I am. You should be up to speed on my professional life now. You know, because you care.


2011-04-10 20:39:01 by DDgeek84

In short, I've been busy. While I don't consider myself the greatest animator ever, I'd say that the work I've been doing is good enough to be impressive. It got good reactions from the film festival crowd, anyway (Monterey Bay Film Festival- I did the bumper thingie). I'll see about exporting that out as a .swf through after effects so everyone here can see! Yay! (unfortunately, the amount of cock jokes in this piece are zero, so viewer beware) In other news, I submitted my resume to Pixar for their animation internship position. My chances of being accepted are next to nothing, obviously, but I might as well throw my name out there so they recognize it next time. I ended up having to make a demo reel for that, which, when I throw it up on the youtube, I shall link back to here, because I'm cool like that. That is, if I remember, which I probably won't. Anyway, it's been nice talking to myself and the random people that'll read this before I update again in the next few months.



Learning. Again.

2010-12-25 02:05:45 by DDgeek84

So I just spent the last two and a half hours trying to figure out why my goddam buttons wouldn't work. Apparently, renaming them works wonders. Also, I forgot how to make a flash stop... had to look that one up. *Sigh*
That spells Matt. -______-

Anyway, I got my flash uploaded eventually. Check it out if you haven't already (odds are you haven't, so do it), and a super happy merry stupendulous awesome christmas, hannukah, and kwanza, respectively (and whatever everyone else celebrates around this time of year).


I'ma Postin'!

2010-10-01 13:12:33 by DDgeek84

This is a new post because I just realized my last post was on Chinese day... and it sounds stupid in retrospect. IGNORE IT!!!! I mean, not that anyone reads these things.

Yeah, I got a bit carried away (a smidgen). But hey, politics is important business, even on Newgrounds. Even if you're not an American, thanks to the wonderfully terrible effects of our international free trade system, you should be concerned. If American goes down (or any other major country for that matter), everyone is going to hell with it, at least for a while. It happened with the Roman Empire (history repeats itself far too often), and that plunged Europe into the Dark Ages (correct me if I'm wrong). Now, I happen to think that what Mr. Fulp here did is probably for the best. During this recession, most Americans are not going to spend their hard earned dough on silly things like novelty shirts from Newgrounds, not when we can go get a pack of 5 at walmart (damn it to hell) for $10.00 or less. Therefore, while he may be whoring himself out to the Chinese (no offense, Tom), he's doing what he can to keep Newgrounds up and running. (dDon't forget that he also has a family to provide for) HOWEVER, I don't see why he has to ruin the fun for everyone because of that. Why not make a new, censored site? If you're making the kind of money you say you are, that can't be all that much of a problem, eh? I may be wrong (and probly am) since I don't really know much about that, but I'm just gonna throw that idea out there. Think about that one, Fulpy.


2008-09-29 15:41:53 by DDgeek84

My flash didn't get blammed! You know what hat means... I'm gonna make another! Not like it's hard to animate. :3 If you like the first Bloon, you'll like the next one. Why? Because it's gonna actually have some semblance of plot! Which is good. So stay tuned, brah.


2008-09-15 20:51:19 by DDgeek84

Alright, it's been a while since that first ill-fated submission, and for damn good reason. I'm lazy. That's right, I said it. I'm lazy. But since I want to go ahead and submit something else to blam, I'ma gonna send something in, just for you. Once I'm done with all the sounds and such, of course. Once again, there will be no plot line, it'll be done in only a day, aaaaaaannnnddd.... it will have sprung out of pure boredom. So, when it's on, blam away. It makes everyone feel better, after all.